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About Us

Best amongst you is the one who benefits humankind the most


Fytocina is starting with a single objective to indulge in a business model that values collective well being over bottom line.....

Why we do it

Mission of Fytocina



Celebrating wise folks of the past who used their knowledge and skills for improving lives. 

Fytocina aspire to share collective wisdom leading to simpler, natural and happier lives.

Hopefully making a little contribution towards continuity of traditional wisdom.

Why herbals?


 In our constant quest for new and better we often neglect time tested, simpler and effective solutions.  

 Fytocina is a return to simpler natural solutions for our everyday health care needs.  

Our Products



Plants have been used as medicine and food for thousands of years. 


By focusing on products formulated with natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and proteins we intend to provide next generation with safe and effective healthcare solutions.   

Contact Us

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Fytocina S.L.

Avinguda De La Catedral 6-8, 08002 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

+34 656 288 883

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